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Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

Ask any couple who has already gotten married how stressful wedding planning can be, especially if they didn't have a wedding planner to help them along the way.  Planning one of the most important days of your life requires careful and detailed planning, along with countless decisions which become daunting and overwhelming.

Gone is the myth of wedding planners just available for the rich or famous; they have become indispensable today to many couples, who have found the services worth the investment.  If you have a demanding job leaving you with little to no personal time, have decided on a destination wedding or simply feeling overwhelmed by all the details, then we encourage you to hire a wedding planner.

A wedding planner will guide you through the planning process, the design conceptualization and logistical aspect of your big day.  In addition, your planner will connect you with the best creative professionals, who understand your vision and style.  Additionally, a planner will advise you on proper wedding etiquette and suggest the most effective ways to use your budget wisely.

Your wedding is all about the details...your details! After all, your wedding should reflect your personality as a couple.  Guests always remember specific details, especially if your circle of family and friends has been attending numerous weddings.  After a while, the weddings become a blur, so having details that stand out will make your wedding one to remember!  Then you have the never-ending questions of floral selections, wedding decor to mirror your style, yet be seasonal, best gift ideas for the wedding party, wedding dress designers that best suit your personality, style and time of year.  A seasoned wedding planner, who is well versed in the hottest wedding trends, up to date with the latest in wedding fashion and has that creative eye to design from your inspiration is who you need by your side to help you answer all your questions, reduce your wedding planning stress and simply let you enjoy your engagement period!  Is it any wonder why there is a job title for Wedding Planner?  Let’s not forget, the event planner title was in the Top 5 of most stressful jobs in the US, so why would you want to add such a title to your resume?

Now, you are probably thinking, “Well my church/venue already comes with a coordinator!”  True, they do, but that does not mean the church or venue coordinator also plays the role of the planner.  Just in the two terms “coordinator” and “planner” you have two different definitions.  In the end, you do need to remember, who is signing off on the church or venue coordinator’s paycheck?  Those coordinators loyalty lie on their employer.  {NOTE:  We have a future blog post about the difference between a venue coordinator vs a wedding planner}.  Now, don’t get us wrong, venue and church coordinators are vital to your big day, but do not expect them to take on multiple roles.

Here’s a fun wedding fact for you.  The average wedding entails at least twenty…yes… 20 different creative professionals!  Just the top 10 include your church, venue, photographer, cinematographer, bakery, florist, linen rental, band or DJ, ceremony entertainment!  We haven’t even covered invitations or food and bar!  Just let that sit for a bit.  Now, think about the research you have to do for each of these professionals, because I’m pretty sure you won’t just be hiring the first one you meet, right?  So multiply at least 20 professionals times 3…that’s 60 professionals you are meeting to decide who will be there for your big day?!  Overwhelmed yet?  A wedding planner will save your sanity, bring you peace of mind and reduce your work load so that you can actually have a personal life and not become this overwhelmed, overstressed engaged couple who is ready to have this wedding over and done.  

So, to sum it up, here is a quick reference – a la David Letterman style – of why you should hire a wedding planner:

  • 10.  Your day should be perfect! – A seasoned wedding planner has done more than a few hundred weddings, and with practice does come perfection!  Any problems or hiccups?  No worries, your planner will be there to put out the fires!
  • 9.  Has built relationships with the best creative professionals in the industry. – A wedding planner has a plethora of creative professionals at their fingertips, whom they have developed strong relationships through industry organizations and previous collaborations.
  • 8. Will save you money by helping you avoid costly mistakes. – Money is definitely the most difficult aspect when planning your wedding.  A wedding planner will act as your wedding financial advisor, guiding you through the cost factors and percentages to be spent on what is truly important for your wedding, as well as keep you on track with payments.
  • 7. Will allow you to have a life outside of planning. – Knowing you have a planner by your side, you can actually enjoy being engaged, and focus on life itself, not overwhelmed with the myriad of details.
  • 6. Will become your BFF, your go-to person with all things wedding related. – Let’s face it, as much as your Maid of Honor, your Best Man, your friends love you and are happy about your wedding, they really don’t want to hear you talk about your wedding…every.single.day.  Seriously, they don’t.  Your planner will be excited about every wedding aspect and will become your sounding board!
  • 5. Your church and venue coordinators are not planners. – You’ve found the perfect church/venue and you’re getting along really well!  You’re coordinator is great and has everything under control, even providing you with a list of preferred vendors they work with.  Awesome, right?  Do keep in mind, their services do not extend beyond.
  • 4. Will bring your vision to fruition. – You planner will bond with you and get to know you, therefore understands your vision and your style, allowing to create a wedding reflecting your personality, vision and style!
  • 3. Will focus on your needs, not those of your family. – Sometimes family members have the best intentions, but with best intentions come strong opinions…with opinions you may not agree.  You can’t please everyone, and that in itself becomes stressful.  Your planner will deal with your family’s expectations, find a middle ground and ensure your needs are being met.
  • 2.  Having a destination wedding. – Destinations have pros and cons, but having a planner will reduce the anxiety and stress of planning from afar!

…and the Number 1 reason….

  • 1. Offering you the peace of mind, not just for you, but for your family! – You don’t have to be burdened with a myriad of questions and actually enjoy the planning and, of course, the BIG day.  Your wedding planner is there to ensure your perfect “day to remember”!