What was initially the last of three companies, founded by Claudia G. de Velasco and her sister|business partner, Veronica G. de Velasco, is now the remaining company after a successful merger. A DAY TO REMEMBER was established in the fall of 2000; at the time, it served as a sister company to Flowers To Remember and Cakes To Remember. Being heavily involved in the special events and wedding industry, it only made sense to supplement and satisfy the needs of our clients; hence, A DAY TO REMEMBER was born.

In January of 2005, Cakes To Remember and Flowers To Remember merged with A DAY TO REMEMBER, becoming one sole company.  After much success in planning and designing events, it was only natural to phase out cake and floral services and focus exclusively on planning events.  To date, A DAY TO REMEMBER is known for creating national award-winning events, featured on both the local and national level.