{special events}

Special events are a celebration of life; combining all the elements of your special event into one cohesive blending of human spirit and accomplishment. Houston is host to many talented and enthusiastic artists and event professionals. Learning about the perfect event professional for your special celebration takes extensive research and, most importantly, time.

Understanding that every event is unique, A Day To Remember can direct you to or secure for you those product and service providers most suited to your specific needs, tastes, and budget. Our budget consultation service will help you determine what your budget priorities are, and show you areas where you can save money without sacrificing the ambiance or style of your special event. This service not only saves you time and money, it also provides you with ”peace of mind” from knowing that your special event will be a successful and memorable experience for you and your guests.

At A Day To Remember, we are constantly researching and networking with special event professionals, sampling their products and services, so that we can better recommend and assist you!

A Day To Remember has formed long, fruitful and unbiased relationships with the top event professionals, allowing you the opportunity to partner with them for yourspecial day. We want you to know A Day To Remember will only recommend event professionals we have had the pleasure to work with and have demonstrated superior professionalism and services, contributing to the development of a successful business relationship, not just to us, but to all of our clients.

So give us a call at 713.862.1751 or drop us an email and let’s start the planning!