// DESIGN //

Art is around us ... everywhere, we all just need to know where to look.  When designing events, we are inspired by the color palette of the sky as the sun is setting, by the china in your grandmother's house, by the foods we eat.  We get excited by the thrill of converting a blank space into something spectacular!   

Our design process begins with getting to know you, your style, your favorite flower, your favorite art piece, even your favorite food ... basically, we want to know what brings that twinkle to your eyes.  We want to create something beautiful for you, something so … well …YOU!  

Once we get to know you and understand you, our creative juices get to work to create something magical, spectacular and unforgettable.  We want your event to mirror your personality, your style.  We are ready to transform your next event into something spectacular, something unforgettable. Your style … your dream … your reality.

Give us a call 713.862.1751 or send us an email and let’s get started on designing your perfect "day to remember"!