{Wedding Planning 101} | Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator


In our last blog post, we talked about the difference between a venue coordinator versus a wedding coordinator, but we wanted to take it a step further and differentiate a WEDDING PLANNER versus a WEDDING COORDINATOR. We find many using the term interchangeably, even amongst actual planners and coordinators, so we want to set the record straight! Our goal is to ensure you are using the term properly to avoid any confusion and set the proper expectations!

So, what is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator? Is there really a difference? Aren’t both a planner and a coordinator the same thing?

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator? Short answer: A wedding planner, PLANS your wedding, while a wedding coordinator, COORDINATES your special day!

Wedding Planner:

Your wedding planner will be your BFF, your confidant, the person who will advocate for you and be excited for you. If you are the couple that is busy, or simply has zero idea where to begin with the planning process, having a wedding planner will help guide you through the process. Your wedding planner will work with you to conceptualize, design {if that is a part of their expertise – not all planners are designers!} and create a detailed budget spreadsheet for you based on your needs. Not sure about vendors? Not to worry, as your wedding planner will team you up with the right vendors who will “get you”, understand your vision and will connect with you! A wedding planner will advocate for you, speak on your behalf, basically represent you when you are unavailable or simply don’t want to indulge in all the little details. Having a wedding planner will ensure all your bases are covered, all your “I’s” are dotted and your “t’s” are crossed, will have a drink with you when you’re having a rough day and be your sounding board on your wedding ideas.

Wedding Coordinator:

The couple who likes to plan and make decisions will more likely be interested in a wedding coordinator. A wedding coordinator will basically take the load off your hands roughly about 30 to 45 days out from your BIG day and basically take over the reins. The primary duties of a coordinator are to coordinate all the final details, create timelines and coordinate the logistics for your special day. Managing your wedding day, ensuring timelines are followed through, as well as putting out any fires {figuratively speaking} will be included in the job description of your wedding coordinator.

Remember, all wedding planners offer coordination/event management services, but not all coordinators offer planning services, so please be sure to ask the right questions depending on your needs!

We hope this article helped clarify any confusions! Happy Planning!