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So you have found that special someone … the one you will spend the rest of your life with … CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Now it’s time to start the planning for what will be one of your most important days of your lives! You are about to embark on a new chapter in your life, so your wedding has to be absolutely perfect … it will be that perfect “day to remember”!

So, now that you’ve said “I Will”, it’s time to start preparing for the “I Do!”


If you’re anything like the majority of our clientele, you’re probably pretty busy: you’re a career-minded professional, a full-time student or maybe even a business owner. Your time is valuable and quite frankly, don’t have the time or the energy to take on the task of your wedding! Believe it or not, planning a wedding IS a full-time job and I’m sure you love to spend time with family, enjoy a relaxing weekend, not to mention, you’re focused on your career! You want a day, maybe two days off, right?

Maybe your wedding won’t be local and you want to get married in your hometown. Now you have to take on the task of planning your wedding, while you are out-of-state?

We know you’re excited about your wedding …. I’m excited about your wedding! You may even feel as though you can master the art of planning your wedding, and we have absolutely no doubt about it; but realistically, are you going to have the time, the patience and the energy? You already have a busy schedule!

We don’t want you feeling overwhelmed while planning your big day. On the contrary, we want you to have fun in selecting your menu, tasting some yummy cakes and picking out the linens. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to run numbers or do research on the wedding professionals to ensure you’ve found the right one!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own fairy godmother, just like Cinderella did just before heading out to the ball? Just wave a wand and poof …it’s all taken care of! Well, we can help make that happen!

You want a wedding planner who will get to the heart of the matter! One who will get to know you and really just “get you!” Well, we want to get to know you…we want to “get you”! We love coffee, tea, martinis and food, so we’ll go out and enjoy a delicious meal or having a tasty beverage while we get to know you, discover your passions, your pet peeves, learn your family history.

We want to offer our ideas, provide you with solutions specific to you as a couple! You don’t want to be the dreaded Bridezilla or Groomzilla! You don’t want to have to micromanage anyone or everyone. You don’t want to be bothered with the details. You want someone who will take over and handle all the details, all the tasks, big or small!

You have a vision, you know what you want, but you want someone who can execute this for you! You want a wedding that will be remembered, a wedding family and friends will talk about and rave! You want to “WOW” them, you want your guests feeling special, you want guests to say “Yes, this wedding is so you!”

So let’s get started on planning your amazing wedding! Give us a call 713.862.1751 or drop us an email!